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<li><a class="active" href="/p/how-it-works">How it works</a></li>


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<li><a href="/p/attention-when-purchasing-at-home">Attention When Purchasing At Home</a></li>



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                        How it works



                      Miti at Home is a practical, easy and transparent service! You choose the pairs of shoes you wish to try on and we take them to you! See how simple it is:


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<li>1 - Access the menu Miti at Home in our site;</li>


<li>2 - Choose up to 12 pairs to try on;</li>


<li>3 - Schedule day and time you wish to receive the shoes;</li>


<li>4 - After receiving the Shoe Bag, you have up to 48 hours to ask for the bag to be retrieved;</li>


<li>5 - As soon as the Shoe Bag arrives in our Distribution Center, it will be checked, and a billing invoice will be sent via e-mail;</li>


<li>6 - It can be paid through billet banking (boleto) or credit card up to 6 installments (minimum installment of R$ 50.00)</li>